R A D I A N C E 

 A Women's Entrepreneur & Prosperity Circle with Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers  

Enrollment is currently closed. We invite you to browse around and learn what Radiance is all about. You'll be the first to know when enrollment opens again for our next cycle.

We Are Calling Radiant Women Who Are....

Ready to Reveal their Unique Body of Work & Shine Brightly in the World Lead Guided by the Path of the Passionate Heart Nurture the Strength and Nature of their Income Streams Reveal their Genius through self expression with Intentional Creativity Willing to Empower themselves through Mindful Technology Ready to stop pushing and allow the flow of Receiving Believe they may have a book of teachings within them Desire to translate their gifts into programs and offerings for others Are longing to ignite their potent Inner Wisdom 

& Called to gather in a Circle with like-hearted women who share a Prosperous and Awakened Worldview

Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers