R A D I A N C E 

 Women's Entrepreneur & Prosperity Circle  

Guided by Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers  

November 2019 - April 2020 

The depth of our Radiant conversation will center on creating from FLOW vs. FORCE. We will use the power of Intentional Creativity and Inner Wisdom to guide you to identify, clarify and claim your Body of Work. Informed by her Body of Work each of the Radiant members will design a project/offering/program. 

The Portals of Radiance Teachings  

We know that brilliant women with ideas to bring into form need new models of conscious business to work with. The heart of Radiance offers an innovative philosophy to call forth and guide your Body of Work and the projects that are held within that body.  

Through our innovative weaving of technologies we combine Intentional Creativity with core confidence building and awakening your Inner Wisdom. 

Radiance is the ultimate combination of Shiloh's Intentional Creativity® business teachings and Amy's Inner Wisdom business teachings that will lead you to create a prosperous, sustainable, joyful business you do authentically YOUR WAY.

OVERVIEW - All Radiance members will receive:

  • The Portals of Radiance is designed to guide you to access your core teachings and create your program/offering. A Body of Work essentially articulates your core teachings. A business created from a body of work is a series of projects aligned with your vision.
  • You will map your Body of Work and define the context, content and container in which that body of work lives. You will step into the POWER of living from the framework of having a Body of Work. This one thing changes everything about how you approach your business and life. Only a woman that was courageous and audacious would claim a body of work!
  • Radiance Summit - Be a part of the Compass Rose Summit and have your work shared with over 100k people in our community. Learn more about this as you read on. Design and Create your WOW video about your sacred work, gain explosure to new clients and share your offerings from your body of work.
  • You will create a draft outline of a book that holds your teachings. The chapters of the book will reflect the ideas and dreams you have. You will discover how they fit together, and how the book shapes the curriculum and the curriculum shapes the book.  
  • The flow vs. force, feminine approach, to creating and manifesting. 
  • Roots and Wings - Articulate your business creative process. Design in detail your path to success. Both playful and innovative to get you thinking in new ways - 5+ hours
  • Intentional Creativity Radiant Archetype - An entire weekend workshop filmed live with Amy and Shiloh Sophia - 11+ hours of video. A 13 step journey to reveal and access your Radiant Woman within. She is the one who will activate and reveal your voice to you in potent new ways.  

There are 30+ Hours of Video Trainings from Amy and Shiloh Sophia. Radiance is experiential and hands on. In addition to the Radiance Portal teachings, specific to your body of work, we have over 30+ hours of recoded content to guide you in your overall business.

Amy’s Teachings, about the inner and outer game of business, will empower you to be brave:  

Women are almost always hard on themselves, and especially regarding their businesses, there is a unique kind of self-bullying that prevents success. Through her lifelong study and mission to have women stop being so hard on themselves she has developed the Wake Up Process specifically for entrepreneur minded women to build core confidence. This "Inner Game" work blends in beautifully with Amy's strategic mind to create "Outer Game" strategies that create phenomenal results.  

  • How to Stop Self-Bullying and Underestimating Yourself So You Can Fully Own Your Gifts in Your Business and Life
  • Nurturing your Relationship to your Inner Wisdom so SHE is the CEO of Your Business and always gets the last vote
  • Soulful Business Success Strategies So You Can Learn the Most Aligned Ways to Market Your Business 
  • Developing your Business and Revenue Model and "Funnel" To Call In Your Beloveds, The People Destined to Work With You
  • Glowing Practice - The Radiance Meditation Practice To Keep You Grounded in the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship .  

Intentional Creativity Teachings

  • Visionary Business Plan Creation - your full color hand painted business plan - 5+ hours
  • Intentional Creativity Visual Currency Process - Design original unique social media graphics and brand signature symbols - 2+ hours
  • Self Expression Process - 2+ hours  

Shiloh’s teachings awaken the creative voice and soul to inform your business:

Her ideas about imagination are at the very edge of revolutionary business today. She will work with you to directly translate your vision into form and bring your ideas to life in ways you never imagined.  

  • Intentional Creativity for the Conscious Entrepreneur 
  • How Creativity and the Muse inform your most authentic expression 
  • Red Thread Connection and Teachings about your Beloveds (aka: clients)
  • Awakening the Right and Left brain with the heart to access your deepest wisdom about your body of work
  • Called by Context Painting Series - yes, you will be invited to paint for your own internal processing. Optional + no experience needed

Our vision is that you will use our time together to help you clarify your Body of Work and design an aligned program or offering. A Body of Work consists of projects held within it. Yet if we do not know what our Body of Work is, then what we create is often out of alignment. What would it feel like to have your business aligned with your deepest desire for impact in the world and your own pleasure?  

Called by Context painting in process by Shiloh Sophia

RADIANCE - Teaching Portal Curriculum  

Tune into your Inner Wisdom & Activate Your Intentional Creativity. These will be delivered via video and live calls - yes we will have 4 touch points each month to serve the development of your body of work.  

NOVEMBER Portal 1: CALLING: Imagination, Passion & Potential

  • Flow vs. Force Approach Teaching
  • Roots and Wings Intentional Creativity 
  • Compass Rose Summit Framework 
  • Initializing the Book Outline Draft for your Body of Work 
  • Top 25 Radiant Light Beams Required for Business (online or in person)
  • Beloved Connection Ritual 
  • Establishing Meditation Practice
  • Invite Intentional Creativity  

DECEMBER Portal 2: CLAIMING: Audacity, Archetype & Articulate

  • Painting Your Radiant Woman Archetype 
  • Outline of your Cored Ideas: Teachings 
  • Language Development
  • Claim the Sacred Promise of your Program
  • Program Design 
  • Choose the form of Radiant Project/s Deliverables 
  • Copy for your Free Gift and Opt In Design  

JANUARY Portal 3: CONTRIBUTION: Service, Activism & Philanthropy

  • Visual Language
  • Visionary Right Brain Business Plan Book
  • Prosperity Plan
  • Innovative Marketing Plan
  • Inner Wisdom Innovative Marketing Plan  

FEBRUARY Portal 4: OFFERINGS: Structures, Invitations & Value 

  • Articulation of Your Teachings 
  • High End Program Design 
  • Business Models 
  • Group Coaching Design
  • Launch Plan in place
  • Sales Page Designed
  • Shaping and Sharing the Offer
  • Selling/Pricing  

MARCH Portal 5: ADVOCACY: Enrollment, Authentic Selling, Sustainability and Service

  • Community Connections 
  • Compass Rose Launch
  • Completing offering design  

APRIL Portal 6: HARVEST: Celebration, Philanthropy & Designing the Future  

  • Reflecting Completing/Next Steps
  • Body of Work Final Draft
  • 6 Month Action Plan
  • Group Celebration  

Plus, you receive more exposure for your Radiant work... 

Imagine YOU as a Featured Expert In the Radiance Compass Rose Summit. You will have the opportunity to be featured as an expert in our Radiance Summit and be marketed to well over 100,000 people in Shiloh and Amy’s databases, as well as your colleagues databases. Get ready for AMAZING exposure, listbuilding and a uplevel potential!  

You know those summits everyone (and their sister) has been doing? You know the one - sign up for free and get 10 speakers genius wisdom, get their free gift etc... You may see a lot of it, but that is because it works. With some innovation, it is right now still one of the surest ways to:  

1) Get your content clear and into a sharable form.  

2) Collaborate with peers to offer goodness that is truly needed by others.  

3) Grow your the audience/circle who is attuned to your wisdom.  

So, guess what? Together we will work on a visionary summit for women, as our group offering - a mock project that gets us to FOCUS on real results - so while we are in the training - we will be developing something together - as the template for you to grow your business on your own. There will be a few requirements to participate - mainly that you are current and on track with the Radiance curriculum.  

That’s right. We will use our businesses to help grow your business!

Here's an example from our 2019 Compass Rose Summit page! You can check out the page at www.compassrosesummit.com

Shares from Students who participated in the Summit...  

"Participating in the Summit, while challenging, has been amazing. I feel that it has shifted the energy for me around taking my business to the next level and gave me incredible gifts including increased confidence, more skills, deeper relationships, respect and connection with the other Radiance women and joy, joy, joy!"  

"The summit enabled me to step out of a comfort zone and really was/ is a threshold of new possibility into visibility and showing up more with courage, trust and confidence. Being part of a community offering was also very touching. Much gratitude. Thank you!"  

"Having the summit as the big project was out of this world amazing - it was the way outside of my comfort zone goal that catalyzed things that would have normally taken me years, if not a lifetime, and all the support leading up to it was so far beyond what I could have imagined - I have infinite gratitude for both of you and for Sarah for creating this. Shiloh and Amy sharing your wisdom and experience so generously, so authentically, so humbly."  

Shiloh Sophia, the Founder of Intentional Creativity is going to be offering aspects of the curriculum in a painting process that spans our 6 months together: Called by Context

A materials list will be provided. You don’t need to be an artist or have any painting experience. This is abstract expressionist work - giving visuals and colors to concepts to activate both your LEFT and RIGHT sides of your brain.  

About Visual Language: To make your thoughts into a roadmap for your business and life, you have to get a little loud and creative. Your brain’s short-term memory is used to quickly sorting and screening out information that it often just simply deletes ideas and moves on to managing the car in traffic unless you tell it to stop and PAY ATTENTION. This is where using both words and images to capture your ideas and vision right when you are thinking about them is so critical.

Drawing, for those of you who are not artists, is a fantastic way to call something out with a big highlighter for your brain. If you don’t often draw, just the act of doing that “new thing” wakes your brain up and forges a new neural pathway. Drawing also helps you relax, subsequently you are more likely to surface new ideas, increase your creativity, clarity and focus. Doodling pictures or symbols helps embed the concepts, ideas or vision with enough juice that your zippy short-term memory moves it into a more permanent place. Both words and images combine to specify for your brain what and why something is important.

Radiance isn’t just about getting stuff done and having goals. Our focus is on calling forth your Body of Work and translating that into curriculum that can be taught as your core teachings and sharing them with others.

From there the sky’s the limit, literally. 

Ask yourself: 

  • How much time and money would it be worth for YOU to KNOW what your body of work is? How to talk about it and create income from it? 
  • Are you willing to invest what it takes to nurture the biggest gift an entrepreneur can give herself?
  • How would it feel to have it mapped out in clearly defined areas that are actionable and profitable? And that serve thousands.
  • How inspired would you be if you were able to access your core teachings and convert your content into curriculum? Inside do you long to tend the designs of the ideas that wake you up at night...?
  • Wouldn't it be incredible to be able to design a program to share your teachings? What if those teachings became a book?

When you are actively engaged in what is YOURS to cause and create, the entire context in which we live changes.  

There are TWO LEVELS of Membership to Choose From:

LEVEL 1: Radiance Gold

LEVEL 2: Radiance Platinum

Which Radiance Level is Right for You?

Circle, Connection, Calls, Core Teachings

"Yes I desire to bring my Body of Work into alignment and form...it is time for me to take action on my own behalf!” 

Each Wednesday you will receive a Radiance touchpoint...with our live gatherings happening via Zoom technology (video or phone). We do our best to accommodate all timezones so that you can attend LIVE calls as well as listen to the recordings.  

The Radiance Gold Experience Includes:

  • Monthly Radiance Portal Teaching video with Shiloh and Amy: high quality, original teaching transmissions to infuse you with knowledge, power and inspiration to create your Body of Work and take your business into aligned success. 
  • Monthly Radiance Interactive Circle Connection call with Amy and Shiloh: part teaching and wisdom sharing, part love seat coaching, part strategy download. These not to be missed calls are the cornerstone of Radiance.
  • Monthly Radiance Teaching and Coaching Call with Amy or Shiloh: alternating wisdom with your guides in a breakthrough group coaching environment.
  • Monthly Radiance Experiential call with the Radiance Team: on these interactive group breakout calls you'll put into practice and share you radiant work. A combination of exercises, witnessing and fun! 

Video Classes + Audio Meditations:

  • Visionary Business Plan Creation: your full color hand painted business plan - 5+ hours with Shiloh Sophia
  • Intentional Creativity Visual Currency Process: Design original unique social media graphics and brand signature symbols - 2+ hours with Shiloh Sophia and her husband and business partner, Jonathan McCloud. 
  • Roots and Wings: Articulate your business creative process. Design in detail your path to success. Both playful and innovative to get you thinking in new ways - 5+ hours
  • Intentional Creativity Radiant Archetype: An entire weekend workshop filmed live with Amy and Shiloh Sophia - 11+ hours of video. A 13 step journey to reveal and access your Radiant Woman within. She is the one who will activate and reveal your voice to you in potent new ways. 
  • Glowing practice meditations with Amy: to keep you grounded as you journey through entrepreneurship

Participation Optional & Encouraged:

  • Called by Context Painting Series: Monthly video series with Shiloh Sophia. Use canvas and paint to process your internal thoughts, visions and ideas around your body of work. 
  • Compass Rose Summit: Participate in an online summit by collaborating with fellow students, Amy and Shiloh Sophia. Learn what it really takes to share your work in a greater way + gain exposure from a brand new audience interested in YOUR work! 

Circle Connection Calls + Core Teachings + In Person Retreat + Private Coaching

"Yes I desire to bring my Body of Work into alignment and form...it is time for me to receive private master coaching and mentorship so I can bring my greatness and message into the world!”  

For some women entrepreneurs, they know they want to be guided on a deeper level with personal support in an intimate setting. They want Amy and Shiloh to roll up their sleeves and dig in the dirt of their business to help it grow and expand to the next level of potential. If that is you, you may want to apply for The Radiance Platinum Level Membership.  

The Radiance Platinum Level is especially for you, if you are:

  • Earning at least $30,000 a year in your business (or more)
  • You have an established client base that knows, likes and trusts you (this ain't your first rodeo!)
  • You are ready to solidify your Body of Work and create a six-figure plus revenue stream in your business
  • You desire to go from one on one to one to many (if you haven't made that leap yet!)

The Radiance Platinum Experience Includes Everything in the GOLD Membership PLUS:  

  • Radiance Business Discovery Packet to clarify your vision and intentions, explore your own truth and more, personally reviewed by Amy and Shiloh. (Value: $500)
  • The 4-Day Radiance Business Incubator Retreat with Amy and Shiloh utilizing the technologies of Intentional Creativity and Inner Wisdom Guidance to flesh out your Body of Work and create an offering to bring it more fully into the world January 2020 (dates TBD) in Northern California. Note: If you are unable to attend the retreat, don't let that stop you. Apply and let us know and we will work with you. (Value: $5000) 
  • Monthly PRIVATE 50-Minute Coaching and Business Calls with Amy or Shiloh to bust through blocks, receive soulful strategy and so much more! You'll receive 3 50-minute privates with Amy and 3 with Shiloh. (Value: $6000) 

About the Investment

This program will require you to make an investment on multiple levels: Time, Money and Energy. It will also require us to make investments and commitments on similar levels. That will be our exchange.  

Time Investment: Radiance is a 6 month Entrepreneur & Prosperity Circle. We anticipate you will spend anywhere from 2 - 4 hours per week, or more if you choose, participating in the live events, watching video teachings, as well as focusing on your body of work and offerings. A program of this nature should be included as a priority in your schedule, rather than another 'to do' on your list that you will get to after everything else. In Radiance we will invite you to intentionally schedule time on your calendar that is exclusively for business development if you are not already doing so. This makes a huge difference in declaring that your business is a priority both to yourself and to others, rather than a hobby or 'side job'. 

Energy Investment: As with any commitment, the more energy and focus you put towards Radiance, the greater your experience and likely your results will be. We ask that all students in Radiance commit to show up for yourself, your business, your fellow Radiance colleagues, to us, Shiloh and Amy, as your coaches and to your vision. We are creating a sacred container with you and for you, and we expect you to show up energetically.  

Monetary Investment: The value of the program with all the extra bonuses is $15-25k, depending on which level you choose. Likely you have seen six month programs and masterminds that are way more than that and felt it was out of your league as a new or growing business. That said, we wanted to create payment options that will make this program accessible for the radiant women we are calling in. So we have created payments plans that are as low as $400/month. For some of you that might be a stretch. A stretch can be great...as it raises the stakes to show up and play. That said, we do not want the financial investment to feel like a stress. Tune in with your inner wisdom (the wisest part of yourself) and see what she has to say. If you know this is your tribe, we would LOVE to welcome you to RADIANCE.  

Application & Tuition

Are you called to join us? Your choice to enroll in the GOLD or PLATINUM level comes after registration. For now, you are simply invited to apply for Radiance and be considered for a place in our Circle. 

Here is how it works:

1. Complete the application and share as much as you can about you and your business. Consider this as a way to reflect on where you are now and where you desire to be. Even if you are on the fence about joining us, we invite you to fill out the application as you do not have to submit until the end.

2. Upon submitting your application you, there is a $100 application deposit, which is applied towards your deposit for the program. If for any reason we feel that Radiance is not the right fit based on what you share, we will fully refund your deposit and provide other options for support.

3. Upon acceptance, we will invite you to complete your registration with a non-refundable deposit of $1,497. Most business programs will ask for this amount up front. We have a payment plan available for those who need one to help this be possible.

4. Upon registration in Radiance, we will explore financing options with you for the remaining balance, as well as provide more details about both levels so you can choose what feels right to you. We have payment plans for under $400 per month. The tuition after your deposit is $5,500 for Gold (valued at over $15,000) and $8000 for Platinum (valued at over $25,000). 

We look forward to receiving your application! If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone, you can contact Radiance Communications Director, Sarah Mardell: sarah@musea.org