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Fill out the form below to apply to have a one-on-one interview to explore if this high level program is right for you. Rise and Lead is an invitation-only accelerator so that rising women leaders can confidently create more impact, influence and income and make their greatest possible contribution. 

Rise and Lead isn't for everyone. It might be the perfect fit if you:  

  • Are a high powered rising woman-identified professional and you love the field you’re in. 
  • Know you’re destined for greatness and are longing to rise to the highest levels of leadership (VP level, C-Suite, Board Member, Thought Leader, Chair, Congresswoman, Governor, Partner etc.). 
  • Have a feeling that you’re somehow blocking your own success, even though you've already achieved so very much. 
  • Have a tendency to be too hard on yourself and hold yourself back because of self-doubt and fear. 
  • Don’t want to work harder, work longer hours, and sacrifice anymore to get to that next level. 
  • Are ready for success on your own terms...and you refuse to compromise your heart-centered values.  

Applying is the no-obligation next step to exploring this powerful program. 

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