Inner Wisdom Mastery Priority

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You are Smart, You are Powerful, Your Life is Good, But What Would it Look Like if it was EXTRAORDINARY?  

Because let's face it; you’re done playing small...  

You’re done giving your life force to things that aren’t in alignment....  

You’re done showing up for everyone but yourself.  

Mastering the skill of listening, trusting and acting on your Inner Wisdom is THE SPIRITUAL SKILL every woman needs to fulfill her soul’s calling.  

It's Time to Live Fully in Alignment, Connect to Your Truth, & Live On Purpose so you can Experience Everyday Joy, Peace, Clarity and FULL SELF-EXPRESSION!  

9 months. Profound Sisterhood. Deep Transformation.

Dear Powerful One,  

I want to let you in on a little are your own are the expert in your own have more wisdom inside you than you can possibly imagine.  

That small, still voice inside is your ultimate source of CLARITY and POWER. You might call her your intuition, higher self, wise woman, gut instinct, or inner guidance system and GPS. She nudges you towards things that serve you, and steers you away from things that won't. 

She may speak to you in words, in pictures, through your body (think goose bumps or a pit in your stomach), or you might just know because you know. 

I call that all-knowing voice inside you your Inner Wisdom. And she is ready for you to follow her guidance 24/7 so you can have the life of your dreams.

Let's walk through some common signs that you're disconnected from, and not following the guidance of, your Inner Wisdom (with a response from my Inner Wisdom to yours!):  

  • You have moments when self-doubt creeps in. (Self-doubt is part of life, but let’s not let it stop you anymore.)
  • You feel unclear or like you "just don't know" all too often. (It's time to experience crystal clear guidance.)  
  • You're blind to opportunities right in front of you that could be life-changing. (How would your life change if you saw the possibilities?)  
  • You know a change you need to make, but you don’t take action on it. (It’s time to take inspired action on your inner guidance.)  
  • You underestimate yourself and beat yourself up. (Let’s pour on the self-compassion and self-love.) 
  • You sometimes feel like an imposter or a fraud, like you'll be "found out". (Own the value of who you are.)
  • You have trouble making decisions and waffle. (Decisions can be easy and fast.) 
  • You seek out advice from others instead of going within. (Your truth lies within.)
  •  You feel off purpose wondering, “Is this all there is?” (This is your life and it’s time to feel aligned.)
  • You have moments where you've lost your self-confidence and self-esteem and feel stuck in the "never enough" cycle. (Your Inner Wisdom holds you in the highest regard.)
  • You have insights that you ignore or pretend not to know. (That’s your Inner Wisdom speaking to you, it’s time to listen!)
  • You have relationships that drain you. (Time to cut that nonsense out!)
  • You are suffocating on obligation and guilt and don’t take good enough care of yourself. (Your life force is precious, it's time to stop wasting it.)
  • You get easily thrown off balance with all the craziness of the world. (It is a wild world right now, anchor into your truth to be the calm in the storm.)
  • Your life is good, but not fantastic, and you’re ready to up-level. (You can create your dream life!)  

I understand. I get it. I’ve had times of feeling deeply connected to my Inner Wisdom and other times of feeling woefully disconnected and overwhelmed with fear, worry and anxiety. Times when I felt like I was suffocating on my own self-doubt.  

I found my way back home to myself. And so can you. I can teach you how.  

You May Apply for the Waitlist Now.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve coached thousands of people, from all walks of life, to connect into and live from their Inner Wisdom and the results of that transformation are astounding.  

When you create the space to go within and listen to your Inner Wisdom, and then cultivate the courage to act on her sage advice, you will create a life of profound meaning, alignment, joy & peace.  


Imagine for a moment that 2018 is THE YEAR you truly listen to your Inner Wisdom in every single area of your life.  

No more self-doubt, self-sabotage and self-bullying. It's your time to shine with confidence, clarity, empowerment and full self-expression.

Welcome to Inner Wisdom Mastery: A 9-month coaching circle to create absolute alignment with your truth so you can live a life of CLARITY & POWER.

In this powerful, intimate container of support, you will:  

  • Transform the 8 most important areas of your life guided by your Inner Wisdom (self, body/health/wellness, romantic relationships, money and abundance, spiritual growth, physical environment/home, sisterhood/friendships, work/career purpose)  
  • Go within to find what’s true for you in each area of your life and take bold baby steps to create your dream life 
  • Cultivate the courage to act on your own guidance like never before 
  • Experience sisterhood and create lifelong friendships as you walk the journey together 
  • Be coached, guided and held through unbelievable breakthroughs 
  • Release barriers, revealing brilliance, so you can master your Inner Wisdom  
  • Experience radical self-love and breakthrough self-expression with private and group coaching 
  • Receive expert feedback and coaching from Amy, accountability and support  

Inner Wisdom Mastery is a unique combination of expert coaching, soulful connection, inner guidance, spiritual support and sacred ritual.  

When you master your Inner Wisdom and follow her guidance in every area of your life you are destined to experience profound breakthroughs and results!  

The flow of Inner Wisdom Mastery to create the ultimate transformation: 

Month 1: RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF: Become your own best friend and release self-bullying and embrace self-compassion. 

Month 2: BODY IMAGE/HEALTH/ WELLNESS: It’s time to stop berating your body and instead treat your beautiful body like a temple. Ask your Inner Wisdom how to create optimum health!

Month 3: ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS: If you’re in relationship with a romantic partner, how can you create a 10? If you’re ready to attract in a soulmate, spend this month allowing your Inner Wisdom to guide you to more love!  

Month 4: MONEY/FINANCES/ABUNDANCE: Your Inner Wisdom wants you to be wealthy and have amazing livelihood. Listen to her guidance and upgrade your money, honey!  

Month 5: WORK/CAREER/PURPOSE: How fulfilling is your career? It’s time to feel in absolute alignment with your purpose.  

Month 6: PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT/HOME: Let’s spend this month beautifying your home to reflect your own beauty. Clutter clearing, altar making and more!  

Month 7: FRIENDSHIPS/FAMILY: You deserve to release any “energy vampires” in your life and create friendships and family connections that light you up! Let your Inner Wisdom guide you to sisterhood.  

Month 8: SPIRITUAL/PERSONAL GROWTH: What is the next growth edge for you in your spiritual and personal growth? Let your Inner Wisdom guide you to your next adventure.  

Month 9: CELEBRATE YOUR NEW INNER WISDOM ALIGNED LIFE: A powerful month of locking in the love and learning with sacred ritual and sisterhood. 

"Coaching with Amy is hugely inspiring, immensely practical & creates RESULTS! 

Amy’s experience, credentials, hands on moxie and intuitive guidance REALLY simplify the processes that will make an immediate difference in your business. We always hear about ‘the next level.’ Amy and her work ARE the next level.”  

-SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), Bestselling Author & Artist

"Coaching with Amy is like having the World’s Most Truthful Cheerleader on your side during the Big Game of your life. 

She is supportive, practical, and relentlessly optimistic. Me, before coaching: overworked, underpaid, confused, often sad. Me, After Coaching: richly rewarded, relaxed, and clear."

-Samantha Bennett, Founder, The Organized Artist Company

"I’m just blown away by what shifts and opens up in the world just when you say YES to yourself…

The plan, the structure, the SUPPORT...I feel calmer than I’ve ever known. More purposeful. More passionate. And just SAFE…knowing what’s next. How to stand in my power…It’s pretty magical. It feels so grounded and I’m SO grateful. Wow, mama. Just wow. ” 

-Julie Santiago, Visionary Coach

What's Included in Inner Wisdom Mastery? 

The Inner Wisdom Mastery journey includes a luxury Inner Wisdom 3-day retreat, group & private coaching, teachings & activation rituals, mentorship, and a one-of-a-kind soulful sisterhood.  


Inner Wisdom Mastery Core Level Includes: 

  • A luxury 3-day Inner Wisdom Retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area in April 

The Inner Wisdom Retreat skillfully blends, in-depth learning, coaching, exercises and masterminding or “sisterminding” on every aspect of your life, along with Amy’s powerful and profound coaching to help you create lasting breakthroughs.  

This in-depth retreat is designed to help you deeply and profoundly tune into your Inner Wisdom and learn how to move your life forward by quantum leaps instead of by incremental steps.  

Expect to be challenged and richly supported as Amy masterfully guides you to create breakthroughs that go beyond your Inner Mean Girls’ limitations and will benefit you for the rest of your life. This retreat is key to creating a paradigm shift deep within your soul, which is reflected in rapidly increased momentum and success.  

YOU'LL PLAY BIGGER THAN YOU EVER HAVE BEFORE. You’ll leave the retreat with profound self-knowledge, a clear action plan, increased confidence and structured accountability to implement it, and expanded self-love and inner peace. Oh…and you will be PAMPERED!  

  • NINE Monthly Activation and Teaching Sessions with Amy 

Each month we will focus on a specific area of life (self, body/health/wellness, romantic relationship, money and abundance, spiritual growth, physical environment/home, sisterhood/friendships, work/career purpose). The first week of each month, in your inbox and on our online dashboard, you will receive an activation, teaching and guided meditation from Amy to listen to on your own time to allow you to access your Inner Wisdom's Truth.  

  • NINE LIVE monthly Group Coaching Circle calls with Amy

  Each month we will circle up as a tribe via video conferencing so you can receive group coaching, have your burning questions answered, and receive laser love coaching from Amy.  

  • EIGHT LIVE monthly Peer to Peer “Sisterminds”  

Each month you will circle up and receive guidance and support from your Mastery Sisters to mastermind, or "sistermind" as Amy likes to call it. You’ll be broken into small groups via video conferencing and have an opportunity to be witnessed by your sisters, publicly declare your Inner Wisdom’s guidance in that specific area of your life and receive valuable insights and intuitive hits from your sisters. 

  • Reflection and Integration Space with Optional Office Hours

As women with filled to the brim lives, it is paramount that we build in time and space to reflect, integrate, process and deepen the learning. During the last week of each month, you will be given that important space, with optional office hours with Amy on our private forum, to receive answers to pressing questions, a little laser love coaching, and connection. 

  • Mastery Accountability Sisters

To keep you accountable, motivated and moving forward you’ll partner up with “Mastery Accountability Sisters” throughout the program. Assignments will rotate once per quarter, so you have an opportunity to connect deeply with more than one soulful woman to support you on your journey.  

  • Quarterly breakthrough sheets personally reviewed by Amy  

Every three months, you’ll turn in your personal breakthrough sheet to Amy to track your inspiring progress and do a pulse check to reflect on your journey. These will be carefully reviewed and utilized to give you the support you need.  

  • Access to the Inner Wisdom Mastery Members ONLY Facebook Group 

This is your opportunity to create deep soulful sister connections, post your goals and Inner Wisdom guidance, make public declarations and cheer each other on week by week.

Inner Wisdom Mastery Platinum Level (Only 10 Platinum Spots Available)

  • All the above, PLUS, NINE Monthly Private Coaching Calls with Amy

For some women, they know they need extra time and support in a private setting. We are opening up spots for 10 women who would like to upgrade to monthly 50-minute private master coaching sessions with Amy to bust through blocks, dream and vision, and up-level your Inner Wisdom connection.  

The Commitment and Investment 

Inner Wisdom Mastery will require you to make a commitment and investment on multiple levels. It will also require me and my team to make investments and commitments on similar levels. This will be our exchange.  

Time Commitment and Investment: 9 months with weekly time dedicated to mastery. You vow to show up and play full out for our retreat, listen to the monthly activation recording, attend the LIVE group coaching and sistermind calls, show up for your accountability sisters and do what you say you will do. 

I've built Inner Wisdom Mastery to fit into the lives of the ambitious, soulful women I'm calling the circle for. I know that messiness is part of life and I understand you will not be able to make every call or complete every assignment. But you are committing to showing up as often as possible and playing full out!

  Energy Commitment and Investment: You choose to GIVE energy to yourself, your Inner Wisdom, your dreams, and your spiritual and personal growth. You hold the energy consistently for these 9 months with our circle – understanding that this is a 9 month experience that will create positive shifts inside your life – not just when we are together. I, along with the container of support we co-create, will be holding you energetically for the entire 9 months even when we aren’t together on a live call. It is a sacred energy commitment, which is why I am only taking on an intimate circle of no more than 20 women for this program.  

Monetary Commitment and Investment: The value of the program, as well as working with me privately, is a (well worth it!) five-figure investment. But I wanted to make this program within reach for the ambitious, soulful women I'm calling into this circle. The investment for this program may be a stretch, but is very possible for the woman who knows it’s her time to invest in herself and lead an Inner Wisdom led life. Knowing this investment will come back to her in ways that are beyond measure.  

Annual payment plans begin at only $497/month for the Inner Wisdom Mastery core level and $797/month for the Platinum level.

All payment plan options, including how to save by doing a full pay, will be discussed in detail during your private discovery call interview.  

A special note regarding the monetary investment: I know all too well how easy it can be to write off opportunities that are calling to me due to the investment. You may have a voice inside of you that says there is “no way” you can afford to do’re not worth it.  

The truth is that there is nothing more important to invest in than your relationship with your Inner Wisdom...and investing in a small group coaching experience with a master coach is an investment that you deserve. Apply and watch the magic and miracles unfold to help you create the money you desire so you can participate! 

"Amy's Inner Wisdom Mastery retreat blew me away! 

Amy is incredibly gifted in her ability to coach her clients, not only asking the right, probing questions, but also making space for them to gain access to their own truth. I highly recommend working with Amy in any capacity. After spending time with Amy, you will no doubt walk away with new insights that can drive major change in your life."

- Heather McClellan

"I feel as if I have awakened a part of me that has been long buried...

Something magical did happen! I'm living proof. Joy, gratitude, deep emotion --feeling as if I am beginning to truly live!"

- Carmelita Jimenez

"Coaching really helped me search within me, rather than outside of me, for the things that aren’t quite right in my life. 

I learned I can actually accomplish what I set out to do…I have been listening to my body, my spirit, and exercising regularly."

- Helen De La Cruz

“Thank you for gently embracing me just the way I am, with loving support, and fierce guidance. 

I feel excited at the possibility to give & receive with so much love, to support and be supported! You've left an everlasting mark on my heart. I am truly and deeply grateful for this amazing experience.” 

- Anastassia Grace

 Inner Wisdom Mastery is right for you if:  

  • You can feel in your heart that I might be the right coach for you...people who work with me in my intimate circles have an intuition or gut feeling that I could be the right match.
  • You are READY to receive guidance from your Inner Wisdom in all areas of your life and cultivate the courage to act on it!
  • You feel called to up-level and upgrade your life and you know that 2018 is the right time to do so.
  • You’re ready to commit to yourself, your Inner Wisdom and your happiness so you can be of greater service to the world.
  • You are fueled by working in intimate circles (introverts welcome!), you are open to receiving loving feedback, and you’re “coachable.”  
  • You are feeling a FULL BODY YES or even a MAYBE whisper from your Inner Wisdom as you read this invitation!

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: "How do I know if Inner Wisdom Mastery is right for me?"  

A: First, check in with your Inner Wisdom. If she is a yes or even a maybe, then take the next step and apply.  

Second, I designed this program with a specific woman in mind... a woman who is soulful and is in tune with her Inner Wisdom (even if just a little), but has trouble following her sage advice all the time. She is heart-centered, caring and passionate. She is successful and smart and ambitious and yearns for profound fulfillment.  

Finally, women that have been in programs like this with me have created major shifts and breakthroughs - women who have left jobs that weren't working, to create careers and callings that were... women who were exhausting themselves trying to do it all alone and now do what really matters to them... women who were putting themselves last on their list and today take care of themselves and what they love... and women who used to spend way too much time beating themselves up and, but are now loving themselves into happiness and success.  

If this resonates at all or sounds like you, I encourage you to apply now. There is no risk in applying.  

Inner Wisdom Mastery is a fantastic fit if you...  

  • Have a feeling that you're ready for a big shift and make the jump to a new level (you may not know exactly where you are going, but you know you are ready and you're tired of waiting). 
  • Know that you have SO many more meaningful, powerful and rewarding things to contribute in your life, but you are not contributing at the level or meaning you know you could (and it's not because you aren't smart enough). 
  • You are tired of trying to do it all alone, and would love to add a powerful circle of heart-centered women as your friends and champions. 
  • Your life is busy, and without accountability and focus on this new path, your life can easily take over, leaving lots of potential and happiness on the table. (This time YOU are the priority!) 
  • You are ready. You are open. You are geared up to bust open your set points, limitation, and patterns. You are ready to bring your voice and full self to this world, in a way that fuels you up, not depletes you. 

Inner Wisdom Mastery is NOT for you if...  

  • You are not open to being coached and challenged to release and transform the beliefs, patterns and habits that have been getting in your way. I'll coach you with LOVE to your next level.
  • You are not ready to claim the gifts and work you can uniquely give to the world through your fullest self expression. 
  • You won't show up for yourself or the group, or hold yourself accountable and do what you say you will do.
  • You don't like being in groups and using the power of the group to catapult you forward. It's not the right time for you to have a breakthrough... you have other things - a sick parent, a new baby, severe financial stress - that need your attention. 
  • You would be so stressed by the monetary investment, that you couldn't take care of your basic needs. Money equals commitment. I want this program to be a "stretch" for you so that you show up in an entirely new way, but not a "stress." Investing in yourself and your dreams will call you forth into a new level. 

If you're not the right fit, then I am sending you LOVE BEYOND MEASURE and trust that you will find exactly the support you need.  

Q: "Can you really help me create a profound breakthrough and connection to my Inner Wisdom?"  

A: In short, YES!  

And the truth is that you are ultimately responsible for your experience. This program is not a magic pill, where you'll suddenly POOF! have the life you've always dreamed was possible overnight. Nobody can provide that for you.  

What this program will do is create a 9-month container for you and your breakthroughs. I've experienced this in my life, time and time again and I know that when women come together in groups with a high commitment, strong intention and a powerful guide and coach profound breakthroughs occur. When you think about the last breakthrough in your life, what was present? Chances are you had clarity, vision, an action plan, support and accountability. And Inner Wisdom Mastery will give you all of that and SO MUCH MORE....  

Q: "How much of an investment of time and money does Inner Wisdom Mastery take?"  

A: Any major breakthrough requires an investment in yourself - and often times it will include investments of time, money and energy. I've created this 9-month container as a "web of support" that has multiple levels and types of interactions to make sure that you have something to hold onto as you build your bridge from where you are today to where you want to be.  

I designed the program to be an affordable "stretch" but not a "stress" (annual payment plans begin at only $497/month) and to be something that time-wise fits into your life and makes it run better - more accountability and support, not more to-do's. There are only two live calls each month and weekly touch points that fit into our full plates. We will go over all the details with you during your interview.  

Q: "I just don't think I have the money right now."  

A: That might be true or it might not be. I don't have access to your checking account to know the truth of your finances. I DO know that Inner Mean Girls LOVE to show up with the "I can't afford it" big fat lie because they want to keep you in your comfort zones (even if they aren't all that comfortable.)  

I also know that this program is one of those breakthrough programs that changes people's lives. As I said above, if you are under huge financial stress and you don't know how you're going to keep the lights on, Inner Wisdom Mastery is NOT a fit for you.  

However, if you find that you often hide behind finances as an excuse...I encourage you to take a deep breath and apply.  

I also know something else -- you DESERVE to live your life from your Inner Wisdom. That is priceless. I'm teaching a profound way of listening to your own truth. You're going to be learning how to plug into your Inner Wisdom and thus create from a completely new and different mindset, all with the support of a community. So check in with your Inner Wisdom now and see what she has to say. If she says YES, then apply.  

Q: "I have tried these kinds of long term programs in the past and they haven't worked for me. Why should yours be any different?"  

A: The question really is, are YOU ready to be any different? Most people are not having the levels of success and happiness they want, not because they don't have the knowledge, but because of the big blocks inside of themselves. So even when they do a program where they learn lots, after the experience is over, they return to homeostasis, to their old set points.  

This program is about taking big leaps to build your bridge from where you are to where you know you can be. But you have to be the one to step forward, face your fears and transform from the inside out into big breakthroughs. I've created the container and community, the question is, are you ready to LEAP? If the answer is yes, then apply.  

Q: "So many coaches have programs they offer, how is this different?"  

A: Three ways:  

  • You get a master coach with nearly two decades of experience as your guide. As a coach, it's not about having me tell you what to do, it's about coaching you to listen to your inner voice so that you KNOW what is truly aligned for you. You are the expert of your are the only one living it. It's about listening to your truth. 
  • Yes, I am a transformational coach, but I am also a woman who has walked this path too. I have experiences of being out of alignment with myself and I've found my way back home to my Inner Wisdom. I have so many tools to share. 
  • And lastly, I believe that everyone has a teacher and an experience that is right for them at any given time. I may or may not be the right guide for you at this time. If what I have to say and how I say it resonates with you, read the invitation and apply. And if this isn't the right fit for you, then I 100% support you to find the right fit! Just don't try to do it alone. None of us can. Reach in to ask yourself what you need, and reach out to find it.  

Have more questions before you apply? Simply email and she will get back to you.  

Or get your application in now and know that your remaining questions will be answered during our one on one call. (pssst...if you've read this far, then it is a good sign that you might be a fit and taking the next step to fill out the NO OBLIGATION application is a good idea!)  

Applications are now closed. You may apply for the waitlist.

Your Next Steps: 

TO QUALIFY FOR CONSIDERATION for Inner Wisdom Mastery please complete the following steps:  

  • Read this invitation in entirety. If you are a YES or even a MAYBE to joining us, then...
  • GO HERE to complete the Inner Wisdom Mastery application. Filling out the application does NOT obligate you in any way to enroll in the program. It is simply the next step in exploring if you're a fit. Filling out the application will give you powerful insight into your life right now!
  • After you complete your application, you'll be invited to schedule a one-on-one Inner Wisdom Discovery call so we can explore if Inner Wisdom Mastery is right for you... This is a complimentary call that truly allows you to discover if Inner Wisdom Mastery is what you need to create an aligned, joyful, peaceful life.  

Respect & Honor Disclaimer: Please schedule your Discovery Interview call as soon as possible after you submit your application. Spots are filled on a first come basis and this helps our team to work with ease as we manage the significant number of applications coming in. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will personally review your application before your Discovery Call Interview and should we feel, based on your application, that Inner Wisdom Mastery would not serve you, we will also respect your time by cancelling the call with a love note email and with next steps that might be a better fit where you're at on your journey. 

Questions? Please contact Sarah at 

You may apply for the waitlist now.

"She Sees the Truth, She Speaks the Truth" Painting by Amy Ahlers (under the exquisite guidance of Shiloh Sophia)  

YOUR TIME IS NOW! Now more than ever we need women to speak their truth, rise and shine.  

The world is calling for women’s voices to be heard. Mastering the skill of listening, trusting and acting on your Inner Wisdom is THE SPIRITUAL SKILL every woman needs to fulfill her soul’s calling.  

I’d be honored to walk by your side, with you and your Inner Wisdom, on this 9-month journey to an Inner Wisdom Led Life.  

With unstoppable enthusiasm, Amy 


About Your Guide Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach

Amy Ahlers is the bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself & Start Loving Yourself. Amy is on a mission to STOP women from being so darn hard on themselves. She's been a Certified Life Coach for nearly two decades and is the creator of transformational programs such as Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Find Your Calling and Lift-Off Business Academy. Amy's been a featured keynote speaker on stages at places like Google and Oracle, on countless TV and radio shows and leads retreats for women around the world so they cultivate the courage to follow their Inner Wisdom. Most mornings you’ll find Amy doing a dance party with her husband and daughters with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and rescue mutt, Batman.  

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